18 NCS Juniors Qualify for US Junior Squash National Championships

In what is believed to be an NCS record, 18 local juniors qualified for the US Junior championships held at the Specter Center In Philadelphia in November.

Simply qualifying for this tournament is an enormous honor. Draws are composed of the top 32 players in the USA in each age division, except for the under 11s, where draws are capped at 16.

GU13s Akaisha Bhatia and Isabella Tang each reached the quarterfinals, with Akaisha taking third overall.

NCS juniors who also finished in the top half of their draws:

BU15 Arjith Mathew, 13-16
GU15 Elise Kang, 11-12
GU15 Khadija Elhaddad, 13-16
GU15 Calla Yim, 13-16
GU13 Trinity Moshi, 11-12

Congratulations also to the following NCS juniors who qualified for this tournament:
BU11 Eric Tang
GU13 Shreya Vadlamani
BU13 Kian Patnaik
BU13 Zachary Ingber
GU15 Makeda Moshi
BU15 Sami Garside
BU15 Christian Keng
BU17 Daniel King
BU17 Rohan Bhatia
GU19 Maya Reedich
BU19 Alex Akbari