NCS Juniors who played squash in college

Many NCS junior players go on to play squash in college and most of the players listed below were recruits at these colleges. Below are juniors who have played (or plan to play) squash in college, listed by their high school graduation year.

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Emma Wolf — University of Pennsylvania


Cameron Darnell — Williams College
Mikail Haroon — Wesleyan University


Azraf Khan — William & Mary
Liam Rotzoll — Harvard University


Hanna Chaudhry — Drexel University
Nilay Neelaveni — Williams College
Aaron Witkin — Haverford College


Alexander Bochenek — Emory University
Noelle Giuliano — Connecticut College
Tarik Lamech — Bucknell University
Henry Nimey — Lehigh University
Alex Snape — Connecticut College


Jeremy Barnes — Drexel University
Cyrus Bahadori — Haverford College
Katherine Correia — Amherst College
Zach Najera — Dickinson College
Isabel Young — Brown University


Taimur Chaudhry — University of Maryland
James Matthews — Vanderbilt University
Theo Mendez — Harvard University
Mariela Mendoza — Bowdoin College
Nghi Nguyen — Cornell University
Ben Roth — University of Miami
Samantha Zambri — Washington University in St. Louis


Cameron Bahadori — Amherst College
Kira Keating — Princeton University
Sandeep Rishi — Tufts University


Natalie Abrams — Colgate University
Jacqueline Barnes — Dartmouth College
Evan Brown — Harvard University
Peter Giraudo — Columbia University
Duncan McGillivary — University of Chicago
Will Mendez — Harvard University
Cyrus Nassikas — Bowdoin College


Rob Bohn — Boston College
Amanda Corwin — Colby College
Carson Craig — United States Naval Academy
Michael DeSantis — University of Notre Dame
Aaron Fernandez – Tufts University
Geoffrey Keating — Cornell University
Camille Lanier — University of Pennsylvania
Samuel H.E. Patterson — Georgetown University


Greg Berson – Northeastern University
Kevin Chen – Williams College
Carter Clarke – Cornell University
Lucy Gibson – Georgetown University
William “Hunter” Matthews – Washington University in St. Louis
Cesar Peralta – Hobart College


Ann Bellinger – Tufts University
Eric Caine – Yale University
Jeremy Ho – Tufts University
Bryan Keating – Cornell University
Andy Maruca – Williams College
Lindsay McDonough – Trinity College
Alexander Nassikas – Wesleyan University


Louisa Cannell — Bowdoin College
Nick Nord — University of Edinburgh
David Scott – Boston University
Grace Zimmerman – Wesleyan University


Yasmin Atefi – Boston University
William Lawson – Denison University
Matthew Sushinsky – University of Notre Dame
Scott West — George Washington University


Jamie Beddow — Colgate University
Jonathan Chu — Franklin and Marshall College
Brian Donovan — Boston University
Charlie Drake — Wesleyan College
Nick Echeverria – Bates College
Alex Gross – Tufts University
Charlie H. M. Lonaeus — Connecticut College
Alan Lutz – United States Naval Academy
Michael Maruca – Yale University
Tribbie Nassikas – Boston University
Russell Powden – George Washington University
Ben Rind — Tufts University
Olivia Sealander – University of Virginia
Peter Sopher – Princeton University
Philip Sopher – Princeton University
Alex Spiliotes – Haverford College
Tyler Stilwell — Connecticut College


Liz Baily — Connecticut College
David Canner – Princeton University
Matt Timmeny – Franklin and Marshall College


Lauren Clarke – Cornell University
Alexandra Franceschi – Bowdoin College
David McDonough — Trinity College
Rahul Nene – Brown University
Justin Stilwell — Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Eleanor Weiss – Vassar College


Jake Gross — Tufts University
Patrick Harris — University of Rochester
Tony Maruca — Williams College
David McDonough – Trinity College
Christine Montgomery — University of Virginia


Griffin Vanze — Haverford College


Nick Adams — Bowdoin College
Chris Devor – Boston College
Scott Hackman — United States Naval Academy
Bob Montgomery — Princeton University
Margaret Sopher — Cornell University
Nicole White — Princeton University


Bradley Allen — Harvard University
Daphne Chester — Princeton University
Laura Smith — Princeton University
Gifford Sommerkamp – Northeastern University


Maura Myers — Colby College
Jay Subhash – University of Virginia
John Warin – University of Virginia


Cyrus Joubin — Columbia University


Jamie White — University of Pennsylvania


Lindsay Moss — University of Pennsylvania
Meghan Murphy — Princeton University
Lindsay Wilber – Harvard University


Ben Bailes – Vassar College
Blair Clark – Harvard University
Peter Dean – Williams College
David Moss — Princeton University
Zack Wiseman – Williams College


Nicholas Bumstead – Cornell University
Marty Clark – Harvard

Langley HS, Four-time SL Green Champ, (also became the highest-world ranked American until Illingworth)

Jacqueline Moss — Princeton University
Christian Peterson — U.S. Naval Academy
Paul Vesilind — University of Rochester


Stephanie Clark — Harvard
Paul Muntner – University of Rochester


Craig Medvecky– Princeton University