Getting your kid started in squash

Why Squash?

In their excellent book, Raising Big Smiling Squash Kids, Richard Millman and Georgetta Morque outline these great reasons to get your kids playing.

Squash is fun and offers fitness for life.  Easy, as it it takes just two to play; social, as it takes at least two to have fun.  Squash is truly a global sport and provides the opportunity to travel.  It can also offer college team play… And squash can play a big role in developing character, self-confidence, decision-making and discipline.

Handle squash competition well and you and you can handle anything life throws at you.  The sport can be played on the cheap, initially, and is relatively safe since it’s not a contact sport.  You can be tall or short – size doesn’t matter.  A player can pick and choose tournaments in which to participate and even though squash is an individual sport, there are exciting team opportunities.  And once you’re on a squash team, no child sits on the bench at a match.

Squash bridges the family generation gap, as old and young can play together.  Squash brings together nice people from all walks of life, all over the world.