Advice on Juniors Ranking System

Advice on US SQUASH’s Junior Ranking System

Here are some tips on the US SQUASH ranking that we got from our friend Mike Jefferys at The Philadelphia Squash Club.

  • You don’t get penalized for playing a tournament. You should play at least four tournaments to get a ranking that reflects your ability. Your total tournament points are divided by four, even if you only played three tournaments every 11 months.
  • Playing more events is most likely going to benefit your ranking. Playing more will certainly improve your playing skill.
  • There are no ranking qualifications for any tournaments – any player can enter any level (in their age group or older). However, Junior Championship Tournament entries and Gold Tournaments are restricted to the 32 best players who apply to play. That is also true for Silver and Bronze events, but these rarely attract that many players/
  • Your ranking points will be averaged over your best 4 results (if you play 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 events) – so you get to drop up to your four worst tournament results. (If you play 9, 10 or 11 tournaments, you average your best five results, meaning up to can drop up to your six worst results, etc).
  • This means that you can play events for practice, or try a higher or lower level tournament.

You can get a complete explanation of the ranking system here.  Click on the “Junior Ranking System” page for more details on how the rankings are done.